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If you spend a lot of time browsing the Internet and reading texts that aren't in your native language, you might be finding that you don't understand much of what you read, or even anything at all.

Languages can present a headache to many users. Sometimes you might use online translators, but copying and pasting words can be too tedious. Translate Client gives you a simpler way to do this: by just moving the cursor over a word and pressing control, you can see a translation on the screen.

It's incredibly fast and useful. It works in the background, so whenever you need it you can just move the cursor and press control. You can also do that with a whole sentence. The dictionary in Translate Client can be really helpful when reading in a different language. It's an easy-to-use dictionary that will definitely get you out of trouble.

Once you use it for some time, you can access statistics and lists of commonly used words, which can be interesting if you want to expand your vocabulary.
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